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22 April 2009


Paul Nixon


Thanks for the plug and I hope the army service numbers blog is a useful resource; that's certainly the intention. If you're interested I'll be happy to contribute an article to your blog which also looks to be very interesting. Good luck with it.

Best wishes

Paul Nixon

Ali Hollington

An article would be great, let me know what you're thinking of covering.



William Gascoigne

Does anyone know if there is a web site or directory where you can type in a name and it will tell you where a certain soldier from WW1 may be buried?

My daughter (13) is going on a WW1 battlefield tour and we are trying to find out where she might visit the grave of an ancestor and pay her repects?


W Gascoigne

Ali Hollington

have you tried the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's website?

If not visit it at , here you can search by name and find the location of the individual's burial or which memorial their name is displayed on.


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