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05 June 2007


Alistair Hollington

Well it has started, the people of the Great War forum have been discussing this show giving it mixed reviews. Interesting many of the negative ones do seem to be on pedantic issues.

Gavin Robinson

I keep going on about how potentially valuable their pedantry is, but maybe it's a double-edged sword.

And welcome to the military history blogosphere.

Alistair Hollington

Thank you Gavin.

Being historically correct should be seen almost as a duty by filmakers etc, but it must be tempered with a holistic view of the topic.

Using the Snows' programme as an example, this was one of the few (or only) main stream programmes covering the British 1918 offensives. For many the German March offensive then leads to a stalemate which finishes when the Central Powers surrender on November 11th. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king and the Snows' programme should be acknowledged for shining some light on this period. An incidental byproduct of the pedantry is that it probably makes many of use return to our notes, books and other sources to check detail and that can't be a bad thing.

Ross Mahoney

Alistair - I tend to find many people on some of the forum are extremely pedantic in their views as well as being outdated in their research. Some of them still cling hold of the old cliches and disregard modern research as trying to cover up murder.

Overall I think this was a good show and I hold out a lot of hope for the series. That might change when they start on WW2 but we shall see.

Welcome to the blogosphere and it is good to see another Birmingham Uni student around here. I start my MPhil under Gary Sheffield in September.

Alistair Hollington

Hi Ross,
Thank you for your comments, whilst I have found internet forums to be an amazing resource it can become an exercise in fault finding.

Best of luck with the MPhil, I have come to the end of my first year and have throughly enjoyed it.

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